From vision to reality

Milestones achieved

2021 / 2022


June 2021 concept of the project

Establishing a legal framework compliant with international regulatory standards, including MiCA
Business model validation, alliance with leading CEE private debt fund – Mount TFI
$600k raised in Seed Round from individual investors and Big Brain Holdings

Building an experienced team with expertise in both technology and finance



We have received validation of the Soil business model from a financial market regulator and have commenced preparations for an international rollout.

Execution of an extensive marketing campaign across diverse channels, resulting in recognition from top-tier Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and a rapidly growing, highly engaged community across our social media platforms.

The protocol has been fully developed and deployed, with smart contract security and functionality audited by Hacken, achieving a perfect security score of 10/10

In October, we successfully conducted an oversubscribed Initial DEX Offering (IDO) on three launchpads (including Seedify), raising over 800k USD. Following the IDO, we debuted on two centralized exchanges ( and MEXC) and on Uniswap.

Next goals

2024+ 2024+ 2024+
In mid-January 2024, Soil Protocol was launched to the public, and the first liquidity pool quickly amassed nearly $1 million in Total Value Locked (TVL)
Integrating Layer 0 Protocol and deploying across multiple chains expands Soil’s reach to chains like Ethereum, Arbitrum, and others, broadening access to diverse customer bases and ensuring TVL scalability
DCx (Decentralized Credit Exchange) development – enabling users to trade their liquidity position in the Soil protocol, capitalize on changing interest rates and instant access to capital.
Implementing MMI (Money Making Interface). A technological enhancement broadening Soil protocol’s reach via Open API, enabling external partners (DeFi protocols) to utilize Soil’s infrastructure and giving their users access to Soil products.
Implementation of the Enhanced Account Abstraction – a feature that simplifies user interactions with the blockchain
Integration of a payment gateway for fiat transactions – facilitating seamless access to Soil’s products for non-crypto-native users.
Listing $SOIL token on additional Tier 1 CEX
Strengthening liquidity supply through partnerships with crypto banks, DeFi aggregators, and crypto funds and institutions
Expanding our product portfolio to include cash borrowing against stablecoins and providing immediate access to cashthrough a bank account

Mapping the future:

Where tangible assets fuel DeFi’s evolution.

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Mateusz Mach (CTO, Author, Forbes 30 Under 30) is an esteemed figure in the tech arena, recognized for his technological prowess and innovative spirit. As CTO of Soil, Mateusz leads the charge in advancing technology within the crypto lending industry.

A graduate of New York University in Abu Dhabi with a degree in Economics, Mateusz shares his insights on FinTech trends as a regular Forbes contributor and is esteemed as a Forbes 30 Under 30 laureate in Europe.

Prior to his tenure at SOIL, Mateusz founded Nextrope in 2016, a distinguished blockchain house widely regarded as one of the world’s foremost. His entrepreneurial journey and achievements have left an indelible mark on the industry.

Furthermore, Mateusz is a bestselling author in Poland, acclaimed for his book “Crypto Millionaires.” Beyond his professional accolades, he is an avid swimmer.

Mateusz Mach

Chief Tech Officer

Nick Motz (CIO, Forbes 30 under 30) is an experienced investment professional and entrepreneur. Nick has over ten years of investment experience in the credit sector. As CIO of Soil, Nick is in charge of all investment activities and managing the performance of the protocol’s loan pools.

Prior to Soil, Nick was the youngest founder of Mount TFI, a licensed asset management company in Poland focused on Private Debt investments. Mount TFI has become one of the leading private debt funds in Southern Eastern Europe. Prior to Mount TFI, Nick gained experience working at Aabar Investment, Abu Dhabi as well as real estate investment managers Capital Park Group and Patron Capital London.

Nick strongly believes in democratizing access to private credit and believes that blockchain technology, with specific focus on DeFi can lead this revolution.

Nick is a sports fanatic which includes basketball, football, ice-hockey off-piste skiing. He supports all sport teams from Miami Florida.

Nick Motz

Chief Investment Officer

Mike Maciuk (CMO) is an experienced professional renowned for his role in developing successful marketing strategies for major European brands during his tenure as CEO of a leading marketing agency. His leadership consistently drove business growth and yielded exceptional results.

Post-agency, Mike co-founded Flexee, a fintech lending company that operates under strict regulatory oversight. Under his strategic guidance, Flexee developed an app empowering employees with convenient access to their earned wages, solidifying its position as an industry leader.

Additionally, Mike is a co-founder of, a prominent firm specializing in optimizing office acoustics for corporations. Leveraging advanced technology and creative solutions, enhances productivity and employee well-being.

With a diverse background spanning marketing, entrepreneurship, and technology, Mike brings a wealth of experience to his endeavors. His talent for identifying opportunities, fostering business growth, and delivering impactful solutions sets him apart as a dynamic and influential industry figure.

Michael Maciuk

Chief Marketing Officer

Jakub Bojan, CEO, is an experienced executive with a proven track record in business development through M&A activities, business integration, and organic growth. Prior to joining Soil full-time, he worked in Mergers and Acquisitions for prominent media and e-commerce companies, as well as leading global advisory firms such as Ernst & Young and PwC. Jakub has also provided transaction services to major banks in the CEE region. During his tenure at major European media and e-commerce companies, he held responsibilities for defining and evaluating development strategies.

Since 2017, Jakub has been actively involved in the crypto industry, with a specific focus on DeFi (Decentralized Finance). He recognizes the potential of cryptocurrencies as alternative sources of capital for transactions and financing the growth of companies.

Jakub has a deep passion for high-altitude mountaineering and has successfully climbed several challenging peaks, including the formidable 8-thousander, Lhotse.

Jakub Bojan

Chief Executive Officer