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Invest in Reality, Reap the Rewards

Yield & Returns

Soil is a

Debt Marketplace

that provides accessible financing to businesses and high yields on stablecoins for

Crypto Investors

. At Soil, we prioritize

Risk Mitigation


Secure Cash Flows

with Real World Assets of reliable, non-crypto companies. Our multichain Guarantee Fund provides greater security for investors.
Legal Certainty for

Peace of Mind

We understand the importance of security and peace of mind for our investors. That's why we've chosen to base our operations in




, two of the world's most favorable jurisdictions for global crypto projects. Our strong legal structure ensures that we're fully compliant with all relevant regulations, and our offices in these jurisdictions give us the ability to serve a global community of investors.



Community of





The best possible

lending experience

Built on Robust and Secure Technology

The Soil Platform

Soil is built on the


blockchain, providing a secure and transparent foundation for our lending platform. This commitment to security and transparency gives our users peace of mind and helps us provide the best possible lending experience.

Soil protocol demo

How It Works

Blockchain World
Soil protocol
6 m loan
12 m loan
18 m loan

Borrower takes a loan from Soil to finance its working capital

Borrower covers loan cost and principal repayment

Borrower takes a loan from Soil to finance its working capital

Borrower covers loan cost and principal repayment

Certain percentage of loans yield will reward SOIL taken stakers or be spent on taken buyback and burn

Token SOIL

Token SOIL with an economically reasonable in-built floor price mechanism captures protocols scale velocity and provides its holders with unique protocols usability

Part of loans yield is transferred to build up Reserve Found

Reserve Found

Secures loan repayment and mitigates chain risk

Flat World
Premium institutional and corporate borrowers
Developing the project concepttick
Building a team of experienced professionals with tech and finance expertisetick
Developing the tokenomics and issuing the first version of the whitepapertick
Developing a fully compliant legal framework that aligns with regulationstick
Securing the first investment from Big Brain Holdingstick
Validating the business model and forming an alliance with Mount TFI, a leading CEE private debt fundtick
Establishing partnerships with borrowers such as Flexee and Erbeotick
We placed 3rd (1st in DeFi) in the Pitch Contest held during the NBX conference in Berlintick
The fully functioning Minimum Viable Product (MVP) has been developedtick
Launching the protocol in "Friends & Framily" mode with crypto funds and financial institutions on the supply sidetick
Securing additional investors and raising $500k in fundstick
Performing an external security and functionality audit of the smart contracts conducted by Hackentick
Announcing the public saletick
Completing the Seed & Private investment roundtick
Strengthening the team by building in-house IT, legal, marketing and financial teamstick
Building liquidity supply through partnership with crypto banks, DeFi aggregators, and crypto funds and institutionstick
Launching marketing and community buildings activities, such as roadshows and participation in crypto conferences, AMA sessions, cooperation with KOLs, airdrop campaigns and referral programstick
Conducting a public sale and listing the $SOIL token on decentralized and centralized exchanges (DEX/CEX)tick
Concluding partnerships with private debt funds and corporate borrowers operating outside of Europe, with and emphasis on the Asian and American markets
Extending the product portfolio by offering immediate access to cash on your bank account, secured by corresponding crypto assets locked on the Soil protocol
Cooperating with crypto institutions and DeFi protocols to provide their users with passive income investment opportunities
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Soil Competitor Analysis


Alterative source of capital for TradFi

Fixed Yield

Collateralized with Real World Assets

Equal risk among all lenders in the same pool

Tokenomics capture the entire protocol profits

Deflationary tokenomics

Investment Team assessing Borrowers’ creditworthiness

Guarantee Fund

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Soil Snapshot

Quick Facts that Impress

Unique Team combining tech and finance expertise

Tokenomics designed to capture the entirety of the protocol’s profits

Deflationary tokenomics, creating lasting value for token holders

Achieving break-even point within the next 12 months

Higher yield on crypto loans for token holders

Secured over $25 million in liquidity demand

$14 trillion corporate debt market to capture

Long-term vesting commitment aligning the core team with investors



Fast and Scalable

Polygon Chain

Project Executive TEAM

team image
Jakub Bojan
Chief Executive Officer
Jakub is an experienced executive with a broad track record of business development through M&A activities, business integration and organic growth. While working in leading global advisory firms (PwC, EY) he provided transaction services for major European and international clients.
team image
Nick Motz
Chief Investment Officer
Nick has over ten years of investment experience in the credit sector. Prior to Soil, he founded Mount TFI, an asset management company that became the one of the leading Private Debt fund managers in Southern and Eastern Europe.
team image
Mateusz Mach
Chief Tech Officer
Mateusz is a dynamic and visionary leader in the FinTech industry. As the founder of Nextrope, a leading provider of blockchain solutions in Europe, he has demonstrated exceptional entrepreneurial skills and a deep understanding of the Blockchain industry.
team image
Michael Maciuk
Chief Marketing Officer
Michael has many years of experience developing marketing strategies for Poland’s largest brands. He co-founded an innovative company dealing with acoustics in open-space spaces with an international reach (ACUSTIO).